I want to write

I want to write with purpose Write things that changes things Moves people and all kinds of things I want to write to change the world Move the world Make the world

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Korean dramas

Nothing is more relaxing to me than a really good movie . And there … Thank the universe for Netflix The drama is on . Korean drama is my shit ! The motive, the plot twist , the annoying character The police characters The suspense, dramatic breakdown and noodles Better than American movies The hero […]

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A truth about lust 

A drop of sweat on her neck Her heart beating through her chest  That one hair string sticks to her sweaty forehead  A smile …  The curves on her hips  That walk that comes with an audience  The boucing breast  Beats to my heart … The crack in her  voice  That gap in between her […]

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I could 

I could fall in love with your vibe  when you come around  My body shifts in all directions  I could fall in love with your lips  The smiles it flares around  the fantasy of kissing you  I could fall in love with your skin  smooth melanin  Soft silk  I could fall in love with your […]

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My demon’s demon. 

I get it you know The walk in this life and everything you need to know How life as sweet as it wants to be ultimately on seeks to destroy all that could be life isn’t fair a simple reminder that it s equally just as fair I create my demons And I have learned […]

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cosmic traveler,  lost. 

what is this cursed feeling of emptiness when you thought you had everything you could ever ask for?  While my heart is happy with the product around me,  a stranger from within touches me from inside and reminds me…  “You don’t belong here,  it’s all temporary and you are wasting a lifetime with the worries […]

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That moment 

It all comes down to that moment  You feel it , you know it’s coming That change, that reaction  That ripple coming your way  It is all in that moment  The anxiety of the unknown That moment right when you are about to make  a decision that could end your life as you know  it. […]

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The vanished

I’ve heard it in the news “men vanished in thin air”. Now this lady comes to my door with a picture of her son and tells me he disappeared . –Call the cops… I said to her. But the look on her face, the look in her eyes, the tear falling down. I knew I couldn’t get […]

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broad daylight my monsters manifest my demons are revealing their selves im put to the ultimate test Dashing spiritual bullets the enemies laughs and keeps attacking swords flying and piercing my shield arrows blocks the afternoon shine Shouts of confusion and anger from deep within the enemies found my weakness now attacking full force my […]

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