All in one in all

A meditating man Open his eye Reach into his chest And out of him He comes out I am anger I am you You took me out of you Its about time we have a talk The man smiles And once again Reach into his chest And out of him He comes out I am […]

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The vanished

I’ve heard it in the news “men vanished in thin air”. Now this lady comes to my door with a picture of her son and tells me he disappeared . –Call the cops… I said to her. But the look on her face, the look in her eyes, the tear falling down. I knew I couldn’t get […]

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Encore une autre

The path to self awareness and awakening is not always immaculate and sweet. It hits hard and brisk. once it hits then you realize … Once you realize you must comprehend it – once you comprehend it,  you must accept it .. Finally once you accept it you cannot look behind. It is done.

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broad daylight my monsters manifest my demons are revealing their selves im put to the ultimate test Dashing spiritual bullets the enemies laughs and keeps attacking swords flying and piercing my shield arrows blocks the afternoon shine Shouts of confusion and anger from deep within the enemies found my weakness now attacking full force my […]

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I don’t want to do this any more no more drama for no reason no more violence, its useless no more trying in vain no more wasting energy on what does not contribute to my happiness the well being of others or the evolution of earth and my contribution to the universe life as it […]

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some how it all makes sense an epiphany of that it really is life slapped me and I learned I realized and I was illuminated it all makes sense now life simply really the illusion is that we think it should make sense where as the fact that it doesn’t make sense at all is […]

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Dedication to my Locks

This is a dedication to my locks To let the world know how much I adore my locks They are an extension of my soul on the outside They remind me of my spirit and how to keep strong They keep me company when no one else is  there and at light when I lay […]

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old mind- constant evolution

I’ve been going back on my files and posted a few of old things I wrote , and wow things that I forgot about and even spoke to me. I made a difference in my own life reading back on those things… funny enough it tells me how my mind has been in constant evolution. […]

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Dancing blood

Sliding down my skin on my chest A line of blood Bleeding from my soul out of my heart Pouring out of the scars on my chest My soul tries to heal But my body wont listen Tears streams down my face falls on my chest Dances with my blood Together the play arround leaving […]

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Soft sweet

soft sweet a tea leaf a smell coming from a mint tree the candle burning wait… tranquility water falling softly I close my eyes as the sun caresses my face good morning to you too Sun I take a deep breath my lungs are clean my mind at peace I sit , ahhh>> the smell […]

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