Muse of mine

Creativity has been a torment Taunting me at a distance As i laid at night staring in the distant I couldn’t find my muse   Suddenly , I find myself hearing a familiar From the past I felt a surge at my finger tips and a clarity Muse of mine   I was lost But […]

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3:21 am

What is this curse that keeps me awoke All day i yearn to sleep Then comes the night and my eyes bright A bit of solitude While the world is a sleep The world in my mind comes to life I become Bukowski I used to read his books and stories His poetry His emotions […]

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My captive

I dont know how it has happened. In a moment of clarity i realized that i was captive. I open my eyes and got a glimps of my captor. I dont know how or when it has happened . i walked into a room in my mind and for a moment i had to stare. […]

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Poetry in codes

Sweet darkness The love in my shadows In the mist of the gallows A deep breath for ever so slow My sweet darkness Sweet darkness Your name i shall callout Before the deep clout A swift touch when i fallout Sweet darkess Sweet darkness After so many years you have become the norm In so […]

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Somtimes I miss you Its funny how i lost you Just to find myself Not being around you Was my biggest fear Now we are apart You are there and i am here Sometimes I wish I could feel the connection i had Life was compliacated And you were all i had Funny how i […]

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Before and after

Can you handle me ? If i were to show you my raw side ? I am grumpy in the morning It may seem like i do but… I dont trust anyone I stopped all expectations I observe for weakness I look for the kill spot Behind my smile there is a scorpion Planning a […]

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