Fit for this

A quick reflection , while at work trying to keep my life together

A quick realization , i am not sure what I’m doing here , simply not fit for this,

my mind wanders far from here and my heart plays double-dutch with my arteries

A quick work of imagination, the multiple possibilities of a paralleled life  on other

dimensions , other whelms or other planets.

Do I ever walk out and start out on my own ?

Do I ever become that successful business owner  ?

Do I ever publish my book?

Do I ever become a faceless celebrity?

I’m just not fit for this’.

The cosmic traveler, The beast.

Sleep, sleep, sleeps the beast.  

Don’t wake the beast.

If you wake the beast, 

The beast will wake expecting a feast…

I walk amongst men

And whispers between women

But inside, I keep the beast

Sleep, sleep, sleeps the beats 

Don’t wake the beast.

If you wake the beast 

The beast will wake, expecting a feast…

Away , deep inside I keep him asleep

When is feel weak and stand strong and fight 


The beast inside must stay asleep

A terrible thing I must keep

Don’t wake the beast.

Yup I do graphics .. I love poetry but my skills and passion is graphic designs …Amongst other things …😁

For your graphic design needs ..You know where to find me .

A sad truth

Racism is a real thing . It doesn’t take much to guess that the lady who could have yield to let me cross was a white lady. I guessed it my the movement of her car and as she drove back I told myself ..She must be a white person and sure enough ..She was .And that’s the sad truth, that j even have to think that way or that it has to be that way at all. I’m not proud of my way of thinking but it is a result of the reality I live in. It forces to act this way and react that way . It’s just a sad truth but still it remains a truth. I don’t have a problem with anyone , no matter the skin color, religion culture or belief , I have an open mind and i try my best not to judge. Sometimes, it’s just what it is and I accept it .I wish the world was different to be more day, one can only hope and dream.

Trump in poetry 

Look everyone , we thought it was impossible, a dream, a trick , a big dump

This thing became president , Trump. No deserving qualities , dividing families, hiring dummies and pushing away countries 

This tragedy, a real estate clown , elected president and everlasting frown 

To think we thought it was a trick , they said ” he is a distraction for is to hate so that we don’t vote for Hilary because Hilary is the lesser evil” 

Where is Hilary now ?

This place becomes a subject of joke and entertainment for the rest of the world.

Trump has no place in poetry 

Not even the worst .