A truth about lust 

A drop of sweat on her neck

Her heart beating through her chest 

That one hair string sticks to her sweaty forehead 

A smile … 
The curves on her hips 

That walk that comes with an audience 

The boucing breast 

Beats to my heart …
The crack in her  voice 

That gap in between her teeth 

The shape of her bottom lip 

That vanilla lotion she puts on …

The way she looks at me 

The universe in her eyes 

Right in my soul 

She looks at me and the walls around me 

Crumbles to the ground 

Out of no where I am made of glass 

And to her voice 

Glass turns to water 

I am defenseless 

Amazing .


I could 

I could fall in love with your vibe 

when you come around 

My body shifts in all directions 
I could fall in love with your lips 

The smiles it flares around 

the fantasy of kissing you 
I could fall in love with your skin 

smooth melanin 

Soft silk 
I could fall in love with your eyes 

Piercing thru my soul 

renders me weak everytime 
But your mind 

your soul 

I can’t fall in love with 

My demon’s demon. 

I get it you know

The walk in this life and everything you need to know

How life as sweet as it wants to be

ultimately on seeks to destroy all that could be

life isn’t fair

a simple reminder that it s equally just as fair

I create my demons

And I have learned to accept my demons

My demons aren’t my problem

But the Shadow behind them

The little ones that lurks in the corridors of my mind

they seem so gentle, innocent and kind

but in the dead if the silent night

They touch a door and causes that fright

A little nagging footstep running in the floor

But it’s too late to close the door

My demons are terrified

I can feel it in my spine I am terrified

The energy I feel inside

I can tell my demons try to hide

They are watching

Quietly behind me, holding my shoulders clenching

the fear in their eyes

my demon’s demons

cosmic traveler,  lost. 

what is this cursed feeling of emptiness when you thought you had everything you could ever ask for?  While my heart is happy with the product around me,  a stranger from within touches me from inside and reminds me…  “You don’t belong here,  it’s all temporary and you are wasting a lifetime with the worries of the body you possess.  Realizing, this body possesses me instead. Was that the mission? I don’t remember anymore.  I had glimpse of how I died last lifetime once. But that was a while ago.  Somehow, I lost myself in this lifetime and lost sight. Now all I remember is that there is a mission.  I forgot the mission. I forgot my soul, I forgot me.  

Wierd people 

People are weird. 

I see from and look at them like weird foreigners 

Like aliens… 

The talk weird,  react weird,  think weird, 

People : can you tell me along ago I started work?

Me: sure,  it shows that you be logged in for 6 hrs and 12 minutes. 

People: oh,  OK.  So what time did I start work?

Me : (with a sarcastic smirk) ugh…  6hrs and 12 minutes ago…?!? 
OK fine!  I’m word too! 

And high!

Listening to Stan Getz. ︶︿︶


Solitude.  The thing I look for every 24hour

If only I can be alone for a sec.  So I look for any reason to be alone

But…  Never truly alone. 

Solitude.  A few minutes to recharge.  A chance to regenerate. Press pause,  relax my social skills and get back to the game. 

This game called life.  Not the energy that gives us life.  Rather the social game we have to play.  Picking the right social clues and response at the right fraction of a second time just to fit in or to avoid looking different. 

Solitude. Not anti social,  just plain solitude.  Time to sit with my demons,  my spirits,  my entities and my soul.  Have a nice conversation uninterrupted,  deep and constructive.

Just solitude. Once in a while it saves a live. 

So I’m an insomniac.