Public restroom 

I hate using the bathroom

outside of the comfort of my bathroom at home.

That being said … Using the bathroom at work is 

extremely discussing.

However, having worked there for 6 years 

I see this place just as much as I see my own 

house .

Eventually , that is one public bathroom I 

manage to use.

But today, 

Someone came to use the toilette next to the one 

I was using.

Honestly , my experience was interupted.

I miss my bathroom at home.

My white throne 

This public restroom is not mine.

I don’t like public restroom 

But it’s not the restroom I have a problem with 

But the people who uses it.

P.s. I don’t think he washed his hands 


That moment 

It all comes down to that moment 

You feel it , you know it’s coming

That change, that reaction 

That ripple coming your way 

It is all in that moment 

The anxiety of the unknown

That moment right when you are about to make 

a decision that could end your life as you know 


That life changing action or reaction 

That moment your body freezes 

Your mind works so fast you would think it 

stopped .

That split second that feels like an eternity 

That moment 

The moment we evolve.

Good night .


As my worst days became the shadow I casted , here you stood. I called you queen, in many ways, different languages and so many different thoughts.

I know , the pain, my lies, my secrets, my world within, the struggle, frustration, anger and sadness. I know.

so stubborn, I admire that about you. you don’t take no from people and I would hate to be the one to try to convince you of anything .

the world I build around you comes with a price to the world within me, one supports the other.

I place you in all priority to my eyes , yet I realized it does not matter if you cannot see it.

The intermittent distance is only to allow me to talk to myself, reach my inner-man and have a conversation to make sure both minds are still in sync.

I learn a lot in solitude , learn myself and take my time to learn you.

the meditation it requires is intense , most of the time unattainable.

Queen I am not worthy of trust ,

please hear me, I love you.