Her beauty caught me off guard She was in the pool with a direct stare She was staring right through me Hypnotized, I had to get in the water The world around us dissolved The shine of the moon reflected green and purple on the water surface I got closer, and then … Closer I […]

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It is at night

It is at night, when the world sleeps When you can hear electricity run When the lights goes off And the high is gone It is at night, when the loneliness creeps It is at night When my demons come out to play They dance in circle arround a bun fire In front my my […]

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What do I want?

A simple question I was asked what I want? As if i had the time to really sit and ask myself. I truly have no clue What do I want? A simple question, a quick answer is deserved Ready to spill a list of quick fantasies I have no clue This is not about a […]

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Is that you death?

Is that you? Death?… My dear olf friend ? Have you come once more to tourment me ? You took from me and you waive the idea of my time coming in the future with certainty. Will we become best friends? Am i to begin calling on you,for an afternoon stroll down memory lane of […]

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I’m still here, sorta

its been a while since my last post, Honestly, I miss writing. I have not left you alone, my fellow readers and writers. But, the last few months have not been so kind. I had a bit of an encounter with Death. sometime in June she whispered in my ears and I thought perhaps I […]

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Proelium ch.5

Before you continue to read please go back and readĀ chapter I , Chapter II , Chapter III & chapter IVĀ  if you have not done so yet. Thank you. Chapter 5. Habbits Its been a few years now. Almost ten years. The glamour and curiosity is kind of fading away. She does not admire me […]

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