Proelium #3

(Before you continue to read please go back and read chapter I and & Chapter II  if you have not done so yet. Thank you ) Chapter 3 Irrelevant   Working at a call center is not so bad , you talk to customer and try to go thru the day by finding small conversation […]

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Proelium #2

Chapter 2 Stress   To a few shouts of my name I wake up . She tells me its time to go . Somehow,  I fee guilty for sleeping . I get up and wash up finish helping the kids get ready and start the car and I wait. the boys gets in the car […]

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Proelium #1

Chapter one Numb and useless           Its 9:45, PM. i get home and i am greeted by my sons.  At this time they should be in bed, but i haven’t seen them all day and that moment of pure joy in their eyes causes everything else to be irrelevant. Eventually the […]

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Can it ?

A moment to sit back Realize the shit i stepped in A swift avalange of emotions Emotions i thought were no more And the question comes about to hunt me Can it? Can this love test the arms of time ? Can it last in the silence ? Can it overcome the odds ? Face […]

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My birthday

So Today ! October 24th 2019 My birthday once again But today is just another day The shit I have done The shit I haven’t done The shit I regret The shit I will never regret Happy birthday Celebrate the years past The present day And the future coming birthdays till they pass I am […]

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I could sit here and tell you why we, men are so stupid when it comes to women. But i can only speak for real men . bot the yong thug wannabe down the street or the broke drug dealer you met at some party. Im not talking about the men who seems to have […]

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like a moment before

    like , like a kid with no idea of the next day when he didn’t know any better cause it was the only way could be sunshine or just a rainy day nothing bothered the kid, he never had a choice any way.   if only people could stop just for a moment […]

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Back at the crossroad

Granmoun ! (Old one) You know who I am You speak my languages You know the rods that comes and goes You can see the coming friend And the foes You know the traps and the cleared roads Here , you can havr my cigars In fact i will smoke one with you I dont […]

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I love cigars Still getting myself around it really I have the matches I have the time I have my favorites And the ones i have to try I got the cutter Got one in every room in the house And in the car But the one thing i cant find An ashtray for my […]

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