Proelium ch.5

Before you continue to read please go back and read chapter I , Chapter II , Chapter III & chapter IV  if you have not done so yet. Thank you.

Chapter 5.


Its been a few years now. Almost ten years. The glamour and curiosity is kind of fading away. She does not admire me anymore, i have become simply her partner, the father of our children and the co provider. She is no longer in awe with my mind, my jokes are becoming sinister, my flaws and my dirty habbits are all in the open. She can see the real me.

There is a side of me she does notice. However, that side is the mask other peoole amcan see. The polite side of me. The side of that dresses uo and co ers up my mess so i can shiw outsiders what i want them to see. And so, for a temporary moment, she smiles and she laughs, she hilds my hand and leans on me. She tells people tells me to tell my jokes and tbe world laughs. And in those moments i am not just tge co provider but i am her friend, her lover and her protector.

I know it wont last long. So i cherrish and i keep my mouth shut about it. The the drive home… The longest drive for a man.

Somehow, we get back to the norm. I have once again become my flaws and bad habbits.

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