Between up and down


Hi ,

if you read my blog then you know a great deal about me. id like to just write today – life lately has been a challenge with ups and downs, life has its way of just waking you up with a slap letting you eat breakfast with a smirk on its face because .. life just knows about the torture you are about to endure in the next following hours . But , today i am in between . my emotions are not left or right they are right in between .I don’t feel up or down but rather a bit in between up and down . not sure how to call it , cant put my hands on it . as if my life is just going thru the motion on time .  a stand still life life still goes on . It is weird .

I am simply being and not in the mood for much while i still want to do it all at the same time . it might have a lot to do with me detoxing. Its been a few weeks since i have had a nice joint. Its a voluntary choice but its not the easiest thing . I find that being clean of weed in my system is nice in a way but at the same time it feels like I ‘m in the middle of the whole thing with no sure direction . like gravity decided to stop affecting me and has me in a floating at zero gravity but somehow the ground is floating along with me.


Either way , i sure hope you are having a great day .


Thanks for reading !



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