Proelium #4


Before you continue to read please go back and read chapter I , Chapter II & Chapter III  if you have not done so yet.

Thank you )

Chapter 4



6:45 am she wakes me up with a loud shout “i got to go to work wake up , go start the car !” i get up take a quick shower and clothes, shoes and walk out to the car . Like every morning for the last week i have to use a the jump starter to start the car (battery problems) . This time , i connect positive to positive “Check” negative to negative “check” , turn on the jump box and get the green light “check”, turn the key and crank up the car “che…. ” No ! please, not now, start !… the car won’t start . I take a deep breath and get back to the battery , restart the process, all checks out, my heart is pounding, the kids are going to be late for breakfast. Its raining , i call her and she already knows -” The car won’t start?” – No (i replied) … she hung up .

C’ mon car ! please start …  the phone rings and she calls again. ” It wont start , but i can still get you an Uber ” she tells me not to worry about it , it s down the street and she will walk.

the world chattered , my stomach boils and my sweat starts to shower my face, hands starts to shake and my toes are cold . I try again one more time … “Hey ! it started, lets go” . She comes out with he  kids and gets in the car , not a word just worries and fear of what she might say next . she says nothing. we get to her job and she walks out , slams the door and does not turn back .

I manage to make it to the school back entrance but the gate closes as I pull up forces me to go to the other entrance . Its a good thing I was able to get the kids food before we got to the school but that gate got shut in my face and forces me around the block to the main entrance . I will save the details of the fucking treatment I get from the school staff for another chapter…

I pick up my bother in law from his apartment (I’m driving his car) and I give him the keys as I get to the passenger seat. Its a 35 – 45 minute drive so I push the seat back and I shut my eyes. I get to his job and take the keys back . As I drive off I smell something unusual. I drive to a gas station to put gas when I start to realize that there is a small white smoke periodically coming from the front of the car . i drove away from the pump and parked, opened the hood and checked. Shit , the smoke come from the acid in the battery burning. The mechanic on the line starts to tell me his life s story about my car he has had in his shop for the last two months . I said “Wait, that’s great and all but i got bigger problems , the battery in the car i m using is making smoke ” -His first reply .. ” don’t jump start the car ! can you drive it ? jump starting it can cause it to burst or explode! you can lose your face ! I have seen that happen to a friend before, you don’t want that ! ” I told him the car is good and running , he told me to bring it in .

Took it to the shop and got the battery replaced . Somehow i managed to take a brake at the shop while i was waiting and passed out on their couch.


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