The devil inside

Originally posted on Yradmo's Blog (by Dominick the creator):
its funny how people go about their day do what they have to do without a care of others meanwhile this guy just cut in the turning lane in front of me almost caused an accident he just don’t know I got upset and yelled…

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The vanished

I’ve heard it in the news “men vanished in thin air”. Now this lady comes to my door with a picture of her son and tells me he disappeared . –Call the cops… I said to her. But the look on her face, the look in her eyes, the tear falling down. I knew I couldn’t get […]

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Reversed brainwashed

Its hard to believe that beyond our reality there is a different reality. After being told generations and generations, generations after generations we were all brainwashed. You know its true. The truth is there, but it must be accepted, understood  and applied. False prophets were created to speak prophecy of false prophets and prophecies to […]

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Artist block

Writing comes easy as I think I write down and forget writing comes easy when I am mad its tares down the keyboard when I’m sad it scrambles my handwriting when I am happy it flows like honey but designing … finding that imagination that drop of paint that starts it all that angle you […]

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That moment

We fight and argue Life takes a toll on your soul When numbers have to meet When food has to be bought When water has to keep running And electricity is a necessity The baby cries The other one talks and talks The walls are closing in And the blame game starts -“It was you, […]

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I did not give up writing…

I never gave up on writing poetry keeps me sane I experience- I write – I move on .. but deep in I am more than just a writer I am an Artist. being an artist doesn’t make you and more special than everyone else it is simply implying that while others express their emotions […]

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