Talks of “what if “

I’m not scared
I keep away but I’m not scared
not scared of you at least
but I am scared of what may be
or, what could be
that shouldn’t be
scared of the talks of “what if”
and , “if only”
or, the “perhaps” and “maybe”
im not scared of you , I see you
I see the you inside
not approaching you gives me room
room to get my imagination time
imagining how you would bloom
bloom in my hands
but I keep away still
afraid of the “it could be”
or , “if this and that ”
or, “is it possible” and “if ever”
a “probably ” here and “probably” there
but in the end ..
could it really ever be possible that there could  be a possibility and perhaps if there is and this could be then maybe it would be and if ever there is a this and that then it  would probably be if only there is a maybe that  would turn into a what if and I would not be scared at all because it should be .

\Dominick Morisseau

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