A man

Goodnight little ones Goodnight city Shut your doors and lock up The sun will shine in the morning In the mean time A man He stays awake While they sleep A man needs to think Whats the next move The strategies are drawn The hustle continues when the sun comes up But for now A […]

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New day

The sun and the moon will never be new But it is a new day Life as we knew it to be the day before Will never be again

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Hold me close to you. Please hold me bear your chest Let me press my face over you breast Please let me hear your heartbeat Please hold me close Run your fingers thru my locs And tell me it’s  OK Please Tell me life has more to give And the mad men will leave That […]

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Damn… Just like that my demons… My demons got the best of me So wrong but it feels so good A pleasure in doing wrong things Not a rebellion of passion but a human desire to be human But they got the best of me Fuck…. These feelings this joy this happy dance i have […]

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I need to write Something … Anything and all i have is 6% battery charge on my phone That’s all i need Nothing more Its actually more than enough By now im at 5% Tell me … How many chicken could there possibly be in the US that we never run out of chicken to […]



When you realize the reason why something is , you understand the reason and the “why” , it doesn’t make it right. Something wrong remains wrong often times not because of what it actually is but because of the morals society has grown into, to believe that it is wrong. Therefore, ¬†we never take time […]

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some times I cant tell if I’m the man looking in the mirror or the man looking back when life makes too much sense when all is just too real when all around me falls apart , and my skin burns My heart aches My emotions shut down The man in the mirror looks back […]

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Slow, as my soul screams Silently into this noisy busy world Soft, my soul falls on the ground Turns the concrete into black mud My heart beats But My my soul drips Turns clouds into a blanket Covers all pain and love all the same This anger in me from nowhere This sadness in me […]

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